Catalyst Advertising wants to help you create preference for what you do. And help you build strong customer relationships because of who you are. Whether your enterprise is healthcare or high-tech, widgets or e-commence, financial services or cleaning services, we operate from a simple, no nonsense platform:

No Nonsense

We maintain an unwavering adherence to a no-nonsense principle: the notion that there is a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). That it’s persuasive if communicated effectively and understood well. That it will position you favorably against your competition. That it will lead to higher sales. AND GREATER SUCCESS.

To find that USP, we begin by treating each client like a USP; Unique Selling Party. We make sure we understand your unique needs. Then we communicate them effectively. With ideas created to help you meet your special goals and objectives.

No Egos

In an industry prone to insider lingo and chest-pounding puffery, we strive to go against the prevailing winds. And try to serve as a breath of fresh air. With offices in Pittsburgh’s South Side Flats, you’ll find there’s more of Main Street than Madison Avenue in us. Our people are real. Our values are basic. We don’t trust buzzwords. After all, a golf shirt is far more comfortable than a stuffed shirt.

We’re too caught up with you – your project, your objectives, your needs – that we simply don’t have time or inclination to get wrapped up in ourselves. So whether it’s a print ad campaign, a TV spot, a capabilities brochure or a public relations program, you’ll get fresh thinking from refreshingly honest folks. And you’ll get it in a FAST, RESPONSIVE fashion.

That’s one fashion we have no trouble following.


To us, marketing isn’t a theoretical endeavor. It’s never arcane or obscure. To our way of thinking, marketing is about getting customers and keeping customers. That’s the bottom line, because it affects your bottom line.

How do we help you ATTRACT AND KEEP CUSTOMERS ? By developing and implementing the following three things: public relations to establish credibility; advertising to increase awareness; and sales promotion to create and/or support sales activities.

We won’t spout any theoretical mumbo-jumbo. We don’t talk to hear the sound of our own voice. We work to hear this sound: Cha-ching.


When you work with Catalyst, you deal directly with the agency principals. Every time. On every project. We don’t introduce a team that you’ll meet at an initial presentation, then never talk to again. Who you see is who you get.

Are we a big agency? A small agency? Yes. We’re large enough to get the job done. We’re small enough to take the time to understand you, your company and your needs on a personal level.

CAPABILITY AND INTIMACY . It’s not only what you should want from an agency. It’s what you should expect.