Hopefully, our work examples have sold you on our ability to create top notch work. And we can give you some references if you want to talk to some of our past and present clients. But if your due diligence includes a little deeper understanding of Catalyst, here are the nine most frequently answered questions  on our list on the list we have been building since 1984. No lie.

  • What are your billings?  None of your business. We are privately held. Only the partners and our accountant know. But to give you an idea of our size, we serve clients that spend nearly $1,000,000 annually and those that may have a project budget under $10,000.
  • Who’s your biggest client?  You are. Believe it. We treat every client like they’re our only client. Don’t buy that? Ask them. They’ll tell you.
  • How many people do you have?  As many as we need. We have built working relationships with a bunch of really talented folks that give us all the firepower needed for any project, campaign or media buy.
  • How are you compensated?  We used to say, “Just like your other counselors – your attorney or accountant.” Truth is, we are more like the plumber. We charge for time and materials.
  • Are you a full service agency?  Yes and no. It depends on what your needs are. We’d love to do all your work, but we are also more than willing to just chop wood if you want to pay us for that.
  • Who makes the final decision on the creative?  You, dear client, are the ultimate arbiter, but if you are looking for a push-over, you came to the wrong place. We make sure you get what you need, but sometimes it may not be what you want. You hired us. Trust us.
  • How do you track performance? We track the ROI, Response On Investment. We deliver all the details on how, when and who responded. It is up to your team to close the deal.
  • Can you really service us from Pittsburgh? Certainly. We can zoom over to your office or ZOOM in to your computer.
  • Who will we deal with at the agency?  The owners. You deserve to deal with the guys who have a vested interest. Mark and Jim will make sure things get done and done right. 24/7/365-ish.