There is an actual method to our madness.

Okay, madness may be a bit strong, but sometime around the Catalyst 10th anniversary we realized that three steps is our sweet spot. Too many steps and our focus wanes. So, we created our own marketing communications process. Nothing proprietary, just three steps that require lots of work, cut to the chase and deliver the goods. Here is the process we use to help you get and keep customers.

To attract the right audience, we first gain a command of the marketing landscape. We want to know the business objectives in relationship to the brand development. What is the marketing mix? Who is the target audience — not just demographically, but their buying habits, perceptions and beliefs? We need to know what other products closely parallel what we offer, and more.

Here, we use all we’ve learned to develop a brand message and look that communicates the value proposition. Sounds impressive, right? Simply put, we write some thought provoking copy and pair it with some really cool imagery to persuade our target audience that this is a strong brand they can trust.

It’s time to sell. Based on the priority of need and budget, we build and implement a marketing communications initiative. A perfect storm of online, print, broadcast, out-of-home and more to rain down our message on the perfect audience.