Software Development

A company called UM Technologies has a solution that offers developers the ability to rapidly develop highly complex and adaptable software systems using an online, fourth generation development environment. We’re not sure what that means either, but we all agreed they needed a new name and a way for prospects to think about them, so we rebranded the product. Here’s how.

Short list of Names:
– RAPPID (Rapid Application Development)
– Pario (Latin Derivative: To Bring Forth)
– EXAPP (Extremely Fast Application)

What they said

“We originally went with a branding specialist that had an impressive resume and process, but fell short on delivering something we were happy with. Catalyst stepped in with command of the situation and a sparkling translation.”
Tim Speicher, VP Marketing

Services provided

– Name Generation
– Trade Name & Online Searches
– Brand Mood Study
– Logo Design
– Tagline Development
– Website Design

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