More Than a Name
Branding first evolved as symbols stamped on barrels, crates or bags containing products. People became familiar with these “brands,” and sought to purchase them instead of other less familiar ones. Over time, brand came to stand for more than merely a company or its product. Reliable, consistently delivered products gained reputations that inextricably linked their names—“their brands”—to consumer trust in that brand. The brand stood for more than the product. It represented how consumers felt and thought about the product.

Oh, What a Feeling
Today, truly powerful brands go a step further, and become aspirational. Consumers buy or use certain brands because the brand feeds into a value system that makes consumers feel better about themselves. The brand is perceived as delivering benefits beyond the merely functional. Great brands succeed on the strength of the emotions that consumers bring to the brand. These emotions result in consumers supporting and promoting the brand through consumer word-of-mouth and a positive media image.

This May Hurt a Little
Authentic, reliable, trustworthy. Three strong brand attributes every company desires. But, linking these attributes to a product or service demands that we carry out an exhaustive, often painful process. A process that will ultimately lift the image of an entire company. And the work starts with you, the client. You have the answers, we have the questions, and together we uncover the essence of your brand. Then we transform that understanding into a memorable and ultimately recognizable brand.

Start to Finish
Catalyst Advertising strives to build strong brands for its clients and not just produce another product name and slick logo. We do this methodically by first understanding your marketplace and the unique selling proposition your product has that will compel consumers to act. Here’s how:

Creative Brief / Name Generation / Brand Mood / Logo Design
Brand Image Testing / Brand Asset Application / Graphic Standards